About this Department

As part of the Office of Financial Affairs, it is the mission of the Budget Office to deliver accurate financial planning information to upper-level administration, to support professional assistance to the University community, and provide reliable reporting documents to the Board of Trustees, the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, and to other regulatory agencies as requested.

Our Function

The primary functions of the University Budget Office are:

  • To assist the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration in developing, implementing, and monitoring the University's annual operating budget.
  • To support the University strategic planning and budget process through participation in deliberations of committees and hearing panels, presentation of essential institutional data and preparation of various analyses and reports.
  • Administer the position management process to ensure that ongoing funding is available and budgetarily linked to positions.
  • To serve as the primary office for complying with the University's central external reporting requirements to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. In most cases, the reports are prepared by the Office. In other cases, consistent, official data are provided to other offices for reporting purposes.
  • Continue to develop and produce institutional databases to provide the source of official data for both internal and external reporting.

Our Services

Some of our services include:

  • Budget Development, Implementation, & Monitoring
  • Preparation of Annual Operating Budget
  • Position Management
  • Institutional Reporting
  • Analytical Studies
  • Assist campus college/unit budget managers
  • Formulation of Biennial Request for Legislative Appropriations
  • State Reporting to Arkansas Department of Higher Education

Fayetteville Policies and Procedures

Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 403.0 - Budget Adjustments for Vacant Classified Positions

Inquiry Protocol

Each college (or non-academic unit) has a budget manager in residence in the Office of the Dean (or Director in non-academic units) who should serve as the principal contact for anyone at the department level who has questions related to the budget. Budget officers may then contact the Budget Office on any questions that they have been unable to resolve.

Questions from the media and public with regard to budget policies and issues should be directed to the Office of University Relations at (479)575-5555.