Payment and Check Information

Once an invoice has been entered for payment by Accounts Payable and matched to an approved Receiving entry, the invoice is then approved for payment by the Disbursing Office. Five (5) days prior to the Payment Due Date, a check is written.

To view payment information, follow these steps:

  • Enter LIPO (List Invoices for a Purchase Order) in the Command Field along with the Purchase Order Number in the PO Field and press ‘enter’.
  • A list of invoices will be displayed. Those invoices with a Status of ‘A’ (Approved) have been approved by Disbursing for payment.
  • Select the invoice you are interested in and press PF2 (Suspend). The system will take you directly to the ILOG screen.
  • Once at ILOG, by pressing the PF4 (decode) key a payment window will be displayed. Every invoice that is approved by Disbursing will be assigned a Payment ID. This number is located in the top center of the window.

Other information available for viewing is:

  • Date and ID of person who Disbursed
  • Check Number (Unless the check has not yet been issued)
  • Payment Status. If a check has been issued an ‘I’ will be displayed. If the check is not yet due to be generated then a ‘P’ will be displayed.
  • Payment Amount. This is the amount of the check. Please Note: Multiple invoices may be assigned to one Payment ID so this amount may be more than the invoice you are viewing.
  • Pay Date. This is the date in which payment is made. Although check will be written 5 days prior, if time permits. Otherwise, it prints on that date.
  • Check Clearing Date. If the check has cleared the bank a date will be displayed here.
  • Voucher Number and dollar amount of the invoice you are viewing.

If you would like to view the invoices that are attached to a particular Payment ID, you may do so by accessing the List function LAPP (List AP ids for a Payment id). By entering the Payment ID a list of the invoices associated with that ID will be displayed.