Cash Management

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Fayetteville, AR 72703

About this Department

The Cash Management Office is focused on the management and investment of the Universitys liquidity portfolio, monitoring and reconciling the endowed pool, as well as managing all University banking relationships. Our goal is to deliver financial flexibility characterized by strong governance.

Important Information

Does your department conduct business with companies that want to pay the University electronically? Great! The Cash Management Office can work with you to provide the necessary information. Please be prepared to provide details about the funds that will be received, including whether or not the payment is recurring, if Workday invoices will be created, and the full accounting information. For questions or assistance, please e-mail

Fayetteville Policies and Procedures

Fayetteville Policy 206.0 - Spending Rate Policy: University Held Endowed Funds in the Unit Trust Pool

Fayetteville Policy 222.1 - University of Arkansas Foundation Expenditure Guidelines

Fayetteville Policy 304.0 - Bank Accounts and Other Financial Institutions Signature Authorization Policy

Fayetteville Policy 307.0 - Collateralization Guidelines

Fayetteville Policy 312.2 - Imprest Funds

Fayetteville Policy 314.0 - Investment Policy

Fayetteville Policy 315.0 - Investments, Donated Stock

Fayetteville Policy 408.1 - Guidelines on Taxable Fringe Benefits

Fayetteville Policy 411.1 - Moving Expenses


Imprest Funds

Cash Flow

The Cash Management Office monitors and facilitates the flow of funds through all the Universitys depository accounts. This office is also responsible for maximizing all invested funds while at the same time providing an adequate liquidity to sufficiently meet the Universitys monetary commitments.


Internal endowment funds and available cash funds are invested primarily through managers. Managers are monitored continuously to ensure that funds are invested according to University guidelines, adequate liquidity is maintained, and total return is maximized. The Cash Management Office is responsible for reconciling investment accounts.


This office monitors and reconciles the Universitys Endowed Pool. Cash Management distributes current income from endowment investments to separate cost center(s) and initiates spending distributions to authorized endowed expenditure centers.

Banking Relations

The Cash Management Office is actively involved in selecting bank(s) and establishing or closing specific bank accounts. We monitor activity and balances within the accounts on a daily basis. CMO staff reconcile selected portions of the account activity and monitor balances to ensure adequate funding and to invest funds. We initiate and record authorized electronic funds transfers. The CMO is also responsible for monitoring all payment card activity, whether in person or via e-commerce, and distributing relevant fees. This office also monitors bank fees.

Imprest Funds

The Cash Management Office is responsible for overseeing the petty cash and imprest funds established and maintained by authorized academic or administrative units of the University.


Tax Compliance and Foundation Compliance have been moved to Financial Analysis, Management, & Compliance department. Please visit Domestic Tax Compliance and Foundation Compliance for information and forms.