Receiving Information

How to Perform and Utilize Receiving Reports

Workday enables departments to provide electronic acknowledgment of orders received and to give authorization to pay or withhold payment on invoice lines entered by Accounts Payable personnel.  The way in which the Purchase Order was setup will determine the method in which Receiving will be performed.

A PO may be setup using one of the following:

  • Dollar Receiving (Service Line)
  • Quantity Receiving (Goods Line)

It is important to note that unless the order does not require Receiving, even though the invoice may have been entered by Accounts Payable, the invoice will not be paid until acknowledgment of the goods or services along with approval to pay has been given.  An invoice must be in "Approved" status in order to be paid.

When beginning your Receiving process ALWAYS begin by reviewing the purchase order's line(s).  This is the ‘Big Picture’ of the Purchase Order. All lines of the PO will be displayed. You can also quickly glance at the Amount field to insure how you set this PO up and how Receiving will be performed.  If the "Invoiced" amount exceeds the "Received" amount, then it is likely receiving has not yet been performed.

The following reports available in Workday that will enable you to locate receiving mismatches on Purchase Orders.

  • RPT - Supplier Invoices in Match Exception - Invoice has been entered into Workday, but acknowledgement of the goods or services (receipt) has not been given.

There are also lists available that will enable you to locate Purchase Orders in which Receiving has been performed, but invoices have not yet been received and entered.

  • RPT - Uninvoiced Purchase Orders with Receiving Entries

How to Perform Receiving (Create a Receipt)

Instructions on how to create a receipt can be found on the UAF Workday Resources page.