Surplusing University Computers

The State of Arkansas, Act 1410 Section 4. (a)(2) mandates that "all hard drives of surplus computer equipment be degaussed, cleared of all data, software, and be otherwise prepared for sale within (90) days after replacement." Each department on campus is required to meet these sanitation guidelines for all surplus hard drives. The UA Surplus Warehouse department has been instructed to refuse any computer that is not sanitation certified.

To ensure compliance, a new campus-wide procedure is effective immediately. To expedite the pick up of surplus computers from campus departments, the UA Surplus Warehouse is partnering with Computing Services to handle the process at no charge or extra work for departments.

After equipment has been entered into the on line Surplus System a Technician will remove all hard drives at the department. After hard drives have been removed, computers will then be transported to the Surplus Warehouse either by PHPL or a Surplus staff member.

For more information on these procedures contact Wenoah Goodson at 52325.