Viewing Images

Imaging Information for Perceptive Content

Business Services images all invoices, receipts and Surplus records.  Documents imaged provide a permanent electronic copy.  Perceptive Content allows all users to view and print the invoice whenever needed (the images are indexed by the APID number assigned by the BASIS system when the invoice is processed by Accounts Payable. The image aids the departments in performing the receiving function, when required, although receiving should be performed when goods and/or services are received or rendered, without an invoice being supplied.  The Accounts Payable Office also views and approves the invoices on-line using the invoice image.

Viewing and Printing from Perceptive Content OR from webBASIS

NOTE: Most browsers will work but Chrome has just announced the removal of some support for java so some functionality my not work from that application.

A locally installed software version, specific to a user's computer, is also available.